Appreciative Inquiry Coaching

Next workshop: 20-26 May 2017, Gallese, Italy
Price: £1,247.94 – £1,655.94

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This workshop focuses on using AI in coaching. Participants receive support in appreciative topic identification for coaching, question construction, interviewing and dialogue skills, grounded visioning, and translating the vision into innovative processes and practices. In addition, you learn to enable the client to build strong relationships with key others and involve them appropriately in certain phases of the coaching.

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Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in Coaching and Counselling is a powerful, strength based approach for energising positive change in individuals. Using AI principles and practices guides the client to illuminate their deeply held values and aspirations, to reconnect to their strengths and capabilities and to create and sustain meaningful change. This work also explores the social context of the individuals and, when appropriate, engages others whose support is important to the individual’s growth and success. This work often connects heart, mind, body and spirit while building strong and resilient relationships with relevant others.

AI can provide guidance in any situation in which the aim is to support the ability of an individual to realize their fullest potential.


This course enables participants to integrate AI principles with their existing models of coaching and counselling to achieve enhanced results.

Developed over ten years, this workshop uses an experience-based model and also includes discussion of theory and sharing of examples of AI in coaching or counselling.

Participants arrive at the workshop having identified topics or goals they personally want to achieve and on which they want to receive coaching or counselling. During extensive practice sessions, participants work with one another using the principles and phases of AI. At the close of the course, participants consult with each other and receive consultation from the facilitator on their plans to use AI in coaching or counselling with one of their clients following the training.


This workshop is designed for:

  • Experienced coaches and counsellors who may or may not have attended the Lincoln
    Workshop Series (LWS) AI Foundations course or equivalent and want to enrich their
    practice with AI. Having some knowledge of Appreciative Inquiry is a distinct advantage.
  • Graduates of the LWS AI Foundations course or equivalent, who are interested in expanding
    their consulting practice to include working with individuals.


During this workshop participants will:

  • Review AI principles and practices as they relate to coaching and counselling
  • Explore the relevance of AI principles in their work with individuals including:
    • The power of positive questions
    • he simultaneity of inquiry and change
    • The function of narrative and metaphor, imagery, and body awareness in personal
      learning and growth
    • Transforming the spiralling vocabularies of human deficit
    • Creating alignment of mind, body and spirit
    • Building strong interpersonal relationships to support the client’s ability to achieve their
      genuine aspirations
  • Practice using these principles in the generic phase of AI
  • Receive support in identifying appreciative topics to focus the work, constructing AI questions,
    interviewing and dialogue skills, grounded visioning, translating the vision into innovative
    processes, practices, roles and structures and implementing for sustainability
  • Learn to enable the client to build strong relationships with key others and involve them
    appropriately in certain phases of the consultation
  • Learn how to introduce this strikingly different approach in ways that make sense to clients
  • Develop ability to use AI in working with individual clients
  • Create their own action plan to AI in coaching or counselling one of their clients

WORKSHOP DETAILS (Registration, Travel and Hotels)

The workshop lasts five and a half days starting Saturday with group dinner and ending Friday at

Dress is casual and comfortable


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The workshop is held at an old converted Benedictine monastery; Agriturismo Giulia di Gallese, Gallese, Italy 60 km (40 miles) north west of Rome.

Gallese is within easy reach of either of the two Rome airports with a direct train connection from Rome’s main airport Fiumicino to the local station. We recommend that you arrive on Saturday in time for dinner at 19:00 hrs.


The workshop is residential and the rooms are large double rooms with 2 beds in each. All rooms have en-suite facilities. There are a limited number of single rooms available at an additional cost of £150,- per person. Agriturismo Giulia di Gallese prides itself of an amazing kitchen utilising local produce and can easily cater to specific dietary needs.


Course fee is £ 1200,- – 1600,- depending on when you sign up.

The course fee includes room (on a shared basis) and full board for the 5 ½ days (6 nights) of the

This is an automated system, so make sure you sign up as soon as you can.


Barbara SloanBarbara Sloan is President of Sloan Dialogs, LLC, an internationally recognized consultancy specializing in change, strategic planning, executive coaching and team building. She facilitates high quality dialogue among people and groups to spark creativity, establish understanding, and forge alliances — to realize the capacity for full collaboration.

She designs and facilitates meetings that bring together stakeholders with very different needs who, after working together for two to five days, reach an unprecedented level of agreement and establish a newly collaborative way or working together.

Find out more about Barbara here

Any Questions?
For questions about the content and design of the workshop, please contact: Barbara Sloan
Phone: 001 202-256-6271 E-Mail:

Cancellation conditions:
There will be a maximum of 15 participants in this workshop. Places will be allocated based on when we receive your full registration Your registration fee will be 75% refundable up till August 1st. All registrations will be due in full before August 1st, HOWEVER, in case of late cancellation substitutions are always welcome. Should we have to cancel, your workshop deposit will be returned to you.